The Beet Shield
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The Beet Shield

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A lightweight, soothing day fluid that protects skin from environmental aggressors. Whether it’s sun damage or harmful irritants, The Beet Shield keep pollutants to keep you from getting beet-red.

Everyday, your skin is bombarded with environmental aggressors and can have a hard time fighting them off on its own. Time to call in The Beet Shield. Think of it as your own personal secret service; it will keep you protected from all sides and around the clock (no cool nickname included). It’s also loaded with beetroot extract to add antioxidants and reduce pigmentation from sunburn’s past. However, unlike other daytime fluids, The Beet Shield doesn’t irritate skin or leave a white cast you’ll avoid looking like you’re doing candy cane cosplay.

How to use:

  • Double dose of protection:

Warning: The combined anti-pollution, anti-irritant powers of Great Barrier Relief and The Beet Shield may make you think you’re invincible.

  • The Ol’ Fade and Evade
Sunspots? They’re outta here. Exfoliate away existing ones with Kale-Lalu-yAHA and prevent new spots with The Beet Shield.