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    Ergonomic Water Repellent Mask

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    Muve Mask™️ was engineered for people who want all the best qualities of a mask combined into one mask. Thanks to its waterproof design the Muve Mask is washable for more than 30 times, saving our environment.

    - Strong Washable & Waterproof Fabric - The fabric used is washable for over 30 times. We recommend washing your mask after every use. For better disinfection after use, machine wash in 60 °C. If you wish to preserve the colors for longer, wash in 30 °C.

    - Strong on the outside, soft on the inside - With a cotton fabric inside, The Muve Mask is very comfortable to wear and easy to breathe. The cotton does not make your face feel itchy and is fluffy.

    - Metal Nose Reinforcement Wire - Tighten and adjust a small soft metal wire around the curvature of your nose for a tighter sealed space. This helps airflow go through the PM filter. You can keep your glasses on without them getting misty.

    - Adjustable Cable - For a tight and comfortable wearing experience, the Muve Masks cable is made of a strong mix of nylon and rubber and can be adjusted to any contour.

    - Made from safe materials - The methods and fabric used in creating this mask is approved by Bluesign®️


    - Fabric mask 67% cotton 33% polyester

    - Straps for adjusting length

    - Flexible metal for nose adjustments

    Can this mask be used by children?

    Yes absolutely please see variant White Kids 4-12 Years.

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