Milky Oil Remover

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A gentle makeup remover that melts off and lifts away long-wearing and waterproof formulas, without rubbing or tugging the skin

Why is it special?

  • A perfectly-proportioned combination of micellar water and weightless oil mix together to create a dual-phase formula that easily dissolves makeup
  • Comfrey Root Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5 condition and soothe, so skin feels soft and fresh right after use
  • The squeezable bottle and tapered dispenser make it mess-free

How to use:

  1. Before use, shake Milky Oil well. Then, squeeze product onto facial cotton or cotton swab until pad is fully absorbed.
  2. Press the saturated cotton pad or swab against eyes, lips, or anywhere else on the face where you've applied waterproof makeup.
  3. Gently wipe makeup and grime away.