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Vitamin C Booster Powder

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Promote a bright, firm and smooth complexion with Vitamin C Booster Powder from Good Molecules. Made from only 100% pure l-ascorbic acid, this powder mixes into serums, creams, and moisturizers to supercharge your favorite products with the antioxidant power of vitamin C.

Unlike vitamin C serums formulated with water, this pure vitamin C powder won’t oxidize—it activates on contact with your serum or moisturizer.

Why is works:

  1. Boost: Customize the perfect level of vitamin C for your skin’s needs with this booster powder that mixes easily into your favorite skincare products.
  2. Even Out: Target dark spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, and signs of aging with pure l-ascorbic, the most potent form of vitamin C.
  3. 100% Pure L-Ascorbic Acid: Targets dark spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven tone and signs of aging with this pure form of vitamin C.

How to use:

Using the enclosed spoon, mix one spoonful into your serum or moisturizer until fully dissolved.

Apply once daily in the morning or at night up to three times per week.

You may experience a tingling sensation, which will diminish with regular use.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.