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    MTHRSHP SUBLIMINAL: Platinum Bronze

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    Indulge in a ritualistic rebellion of golden taupes, rich, powerful bronzes and velvet-soaked plums, leaving lids iced in a cool riot of glamour fatale. Mysterious and seductive, the entrancing formulations are alluringly blendable, releasing hypnotic pigments that flawlessly envelop the eyes in unfaltering elegance. Summon the allure of the ultimate enchantress in a captivating collection of colour that lingers with subliminal intrigue.


    How to use:

    Achieve three editorial classic looks and tempt your creative subconscious to emerge.



    1. Drape an entrancing wash of SEXTROVERT across the lid, blending upwards. Deepen the intensity by pressing the pigment into the lid with the fingertip.

    2. Illuminate the brow bone and centre of the lid with PLATINIZE for sublime radiance. Swirl on with a blending brush, or pat into the lid for a more powerful finish.

    3. Sweep RITUALISTIC through the crease for a dramatic flash of gleaming plum brown, blending outwards while wrapping the pigment around and into the lower lash line.

    4. For a striking finish, elongate the eye and and intensify the dimension by blending DEEP VELVET within the outer corner, diffusing the dark plum hue outwards.


    1. Ice the lid with a metallic wash of PLATINIZE, blending upwards to the brow bone.

    2. Softly blend RITUALISTIC through the crease, diffusing the pigment upwards and slightly outwards for tempting yet subtle structure.

    3. Elongate and lift the eye by concentrating a provocative burst of DEEP VELVET within the outer corner, blending outwards into a diffused wing shape.

    4. For captivating drama, intensify the lash line by applying DEEP VELVET with a dampened liner brush, thickening the line as you reach the outer corner.


    1. Illuminate the eye with a radiant swipe of TELEPATHIC TAUPE, pressing the golden taupe pigment across the entire lid with the fingertip. Use a brush to softly blend within the crease.

    2. Sweep SMOKE AND MIRRORS through the crease, delivering a striking swathe of deep chocolate brown, slightly blending outwards to create depth and shape.

    3. Intensify with a powerful sweep of DEEP VELVET along the lash line, served with a dampened liner brush.

    4. Finish with the lustrous glow of PLATINIZE, draped across the brow bone. For an added dose of gleam, pat the pigment into the inner corner with the fingertip.

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