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    Post-Acne Kit

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    Meet the skin-brightening, texture-resurfacing routine for pitted acne scars and post-acne dark spots. Featuring Sealed, an active primer that fills in pitted acne scars and large pores while smoothing the skin’s texture over time; and Faded, best-selling serum for stubborn post-acne marks and discoloration.

    Key Ingredients:
    • 01 Medical-Grade Silicone - In Sealed, helps create the optimal occlusive healing environment
    • 02 Encapsulated Retinol - In Sealed, gentle delivery system provides light resurfacing without irritation
    • 03 Kojic Acid
    • 04 Tranexamic Acid - Topical application has shown efficacy on UV-induced hyperpigmentation.
    • 05 Arbutin - A plant extract inhibits tyrosinase activity helping to fade the look of excess pigmentation.

    What's included in Kit:
    1x 28ml Sealed Active Scar Primer
    1x 10ml Faded Brightening Serum

    How to use:
    These products can be used together daily. For best results, start by applying Sealed daily per the below instructions. For Faded, start by applying all over face once a week and slowly work up to daily use.

    To Prime Before Makeup: After applying moisturizer and sunscreen, dab a small amount of Sealed onto pitted scars or enlarged pores. Let product sit for 30 seconds before applying makeup.

    To Wear Without Makeup: Dab a small amount into pitted scars or enlarged pores. Let product sit for 30 seconds, then follow with moisturizer and sunscreen.

    Pro Tip: Do not massage in product, it is intended to remain on the surface in order to fill in and smooth uneven texture. For best results, use daily. Safe for acne-prone skin

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