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    Mint Melt Eyeshadow Brush Set

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    What is it: An essential 3-piece eyeshadow brush set, made for effortlessly applying and blending eyeshadows.

    Why we love:

    • 3 essential eyeshadow brushes for expert application
    • Includes eye contour, blending, and all-over brushes
    • Designed for use with Mint Melt Bite-Size Eyeshadows
    • Gorgeous mint-colored brush handles

    Here’s the scoop: this trio of eyeshadow makeup brushes makes it easy to expertly create all your favorite eye looks, from daytime color to seductive smoky eyes. Designed for use with Mint Melt Bite-Size Eyeshadows, the set includes: an eye contour brush for controlled strokes, an eyeshadow blending brush to soften harsh lines, and an all-over brush to effortlessly swipe color over the lid. The limited-edition mint candy color looks good enough to eat (or at least display on your makeup counter).


    • All Over Eyeshadow Brush – Use this brush to apply eyeshadow all over the eyelid for even coverage.
    • Eye Contour Brush – Use this brush to add depth close to the lash line and in the corner of the eye.
    • Blending Brush – Use this brush to add depth in the crease and to blend out any harsh lines.

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